去 Salon 弄头发很贵❓😥为什么你要去好口碑Salon花钱❓因为你想要变得更加的美对不对❓ Sense Of Touch Salon

For customers who want to dye their hair but have hair loss problem? Sense of Touch Testimony T06

我们明白现在很多 salon 广告都说自己有多好…… Sense Of Touch Testimony T09

我面对着长期的脱发问题,但很希望自己也有一个看起来漂亮的发型… Sense Of Touch Testimony T07

A little knowledge you must know before you dye your hair 染头发和选择颜色之前 必须要懂的小知识

今天来个容易上手的French Braid Fringe 😄




如何处理麻烦的刘海 Part 2😄大部分的人看2遍这个video 就会了❤️

今天分享如何处理麻烦的刘海😃 花3分钟来学习吧😄

太夸张了,连睡觉都可以把直发变圈发…… 超级简单的方法,赶快学起来吧😄

Sense of Touch Testimony T05

Sense of Touch Testimony T04

Sense of Touch Testimony T03

Sense of Touch Testimony T02

Sense of Touch Testimony T01

Customer Testimonial


Before & After. transform elements

之前 & 之后·头发恢复健康元素

Change hairstyle

[山字加一笔 免费送出韩国时尚 C 或 J 卷发烫]

[山字加一笔 免费送出韩国时尚 C 或 J 卷发烫] ✅ 完成送出的服务啦!恭喜所有得奖的粉丝们! Sense Of Touch 在此感谢所有参与的粉丝们😁


Seal Keratin Treatment

Exclusive ST Hair Aesthetics Colors Care system

Exclusive ST Hair Aesthetics Colors Care system to change your new lovely hairstyle is our priority mission

Change a new hairstyle ?

Customer Testimonial

ST 的韩式“J圈”烫发

这是我们 ST 的韩式“J圈”烫发,看完这段视频的朋友们如果感兴趣的话请和我们预约,也适合18岁以下的👩‍🎓哟!初次光临的新朋友有特别优惠哟!谢谢😊

Seal Keratin Treatment

If you've ever experienced hair become super damaged, you've probably been told by us to try our Seal Keratin Treatment —the "miracle" way to get smoother, shinier hair in just one appointment.

RED changed Ash

Sense Of Touch Malaysia Exclusive Treatment System

Sense Of Touch Salon in Subang Jaya Damen Mall. Sense Of Touch is an aesthetic & treatment specialty salon.With the believe "healthy hair starts from nourished roots" and "beautiful hair begins with healthy scalp" the salon ensures every makeover session is a transformation from the inside out that brings out visually appealing hairstyle but also a healthier scalp & hair.

Sense Of Touch Herbal Color Treatment

Sense of Touch’s Herbal & Hair Treatment specialises in preventing scalp & hair related issues through our range of natural herbal remedy. Our herbal products healthily and effectively enhances the health of hair & scalp without relying on any chemicals.

Brown hair doesn’t have to be boring!


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